Monday, August 3, 2015

Week of 8/2/2015 - 8/8/2015 Western MA & New England Weather Highlights

Last edit: 8/3/2015 8:45PM

Mon, 8/3 - Overnight storm threat tonight. Currently there are thunderstorms to our west across New York and Pennsylvania. Those are what we are watching for tonight into tomorrow morning. There is a threat for a few strong to severe storms overnight so be aware if you're heading outside tonight. More showers and storms expected Tuesday and the end of the week is looking wet as a coastal low tries to sneak in here from the south.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Week of 7/26/2015 - 8/1/2015 Western MA & New England Weather Highlights

This is where I keep track of weather in New England for the current week!

Last edit: 7/31/2015 1:00PM

Fri, 7/31 - We came so close to a heat wave in Western MA yesterday but missed it once again. The showers and storms that arrived in the afternoon squashed any hope of the region reaching the coveted 90º mark. Westfield and Springfield both topped out 88º, falling 2º short of a heat wave. Windsor Locks (BDL) in Connecticut was probably among the few that recorded a heat wave. They reached 93º on Tuesday, 95º on Wednesday, and just made it at 90º on Thursday.

Tue, 7/28 - Twitter: Westfield (92º) and Springfield (91º) are on track for a potential 3-day heat wave.

Mon, 7/27 - Ready or not, the heat and humidity will make a visit starting tomorrow with our first heat wave possibly in the works. (A heat wave is 3 or more consecutive days of 90° temps or above.) We had some storms earlier today that produced localized flooding and damage but those have since gone away. However, more storms are possible tomorrow, particularly in central and eastern New England. A few could turn severe so something to watch out for. Then it looks like a dry day for Wednesday but it will be hot under mostly sunny skies with high temperatures near 95° in valley locations and typical hotspots. Thursday is our last sweltering day as a cold front blasts through but not without sparking the chance of showers and storms again. More updates to come about the upcoming potential heat wave!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week of 7/19/2015 - 7/25/2015 Western MA & New England Weather Highlights

This is where I keep track of weather in New England for the current week!

Last edit: 7/24/2015 9:30PM

Fri, 7/24 - A cold pool aloft setup produced scattered thunderstorms across the region, primarily in central and eastern New England. Despite most of the action centered around central and eastern parts, there was a Tornado Warning issued for Saratoga, NY around 3PM but it seems like it did not amount to anything substantial which is good news.
Tornado Warning in Saratoga, NY at 3:09 PM
Rhode Island ended up receiving the brunt of today's action where hail up to the size of 1" were reported by spotters. Spotters reported quarter-sized hail in West Greenwich, RI. Other hail reports were in Richmond and Exeter.

Looking at the weekend's forecast, Saturday should be beautiful with plenty of sun. Then storms are on the increase once again for Sunday. Next week, the talk will be about the heat as we may get our first significant heat wave of the season beginning Monday. Make sure to check up on your AC because it will become quite toasty! Also, it is early but there is potential trouble in the tropics along the Southeast U.S. coast which the East Coast needs to watch out for. Always remember to have a ready plan and stock up on supplies especially if you live along the coast as we are nearing the peak of hurricane season.

Tue, 7/21 - It was another hot day but not quite as hot as the last two days. Hence, only two New England communities made it an official heat wave. They were Hartford and Meriden. Here were their temps from the last two days:

Evening storms have dissipated and more comfortable and drier weather should feature for the latter half of the week as a cold front passes the region. Potential for storms again next Sunday.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2/18/2014 Snowfall Totals

   SAVOY                  3.5   507 PM  2/18  WEATHERNET6
   LANESBOROUGH           2.5   441 PM  2/18  WEATHERNET6
   PITTSFIELD             2.0   507 PM  2/18  WEATHERNET6

   ASHFIELD               3.0   718 PM  2/18  TRAINED SPOTTER
   GREENFIELD             2.2   802 PM  2/18  GENERAL PUBLIC
   COLRAIN                2.0   916 PM  2/18  TRAINED SPOTTER
   LEYDEN                 2.0   515 PM  2/18  HAM RADIO

   LUDLOW                 6.0   634 PM  2/18  TRAINED SPOTTER
   LONGMEADOW             5.0   403 PM  2/18  TRAINED SPOTTER
   SPRINGFIELD            4.0   200 PM  2/18  GENERAL PUBLIC
   AGAWAM                 3.0   400 PM  2/18  TRAINED SPOTTER
   CHICOPEE               2.0   143 PM  2/18  HAM RADIO
   HOLYOKE                2.0   442 PM  2/18  EMERGENCY MANAGER
   SOUTHWICK              1.3   600 PM  2/18  TRAINED SPOTTER

   GRANBY                 2.0   525 PM  2/18  FIRE DEPT/RESCUE
   AMHERST                1.8   515 PM  2/18  PUBLIC
   SOUTH AMHERST          1.5   455 PM  2/18  GENERAL PUBLIC

   ASHFIELD               3.0   718 PM  2/18  TRAINED SPOTTER
   GREENFIELD             2.2   802 PM  2/18  GENERAL PUBLIC
   COLRAIN                2.0   916 PM  2/18  TRAINED SPOTTER
   1 SW CONWAY            2.0   800 AM  2/19  COCORAHS

   WORTHINGTON            2.4   846 AM  2/19  CO-OP OBSERVER
   2 SW PLAINFIELD        2.4   600 AM  2/19  COCORAHS
   NNE LEEDS              1.0   700 AM  2/19  COCORAHS

Berkshire County
Stockbridge .2 NNE - 0.8"

Franklin County
Conway 0.9 SW - 2"

Hampshire County
Leeds 0.1 NNE - 1"
Plainfield 2.2 SW - 2.4"


Franklin County
Greenfield - 2"
Sunderland - 0.9"
Leverett - 0.5"

Hampden County
Westfield - 2"

Hampshire County
Ware - 2.7"
Worthington - 2.4"
Amherst - 0.8"

WGGB Springfield

WWLP Springfield

At 2/17 4:30PM

10″ – Wilbraham
8.5″ – Ware
8″ – East Longmeadow
8″ – Sixteen Acres
7.5″ to 8″ – Three Rivers/Belchertown Line
8″ – Hampden
6.5″ – Ludlow
6″ – Longmeadow
5″ – Downtown Ludlow
3″ – Huntington
2″ – Westfield
2″ – Blandford